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Author: Emma Wheeler

Really Gingery Christmas Biscuits

Christmas is the time to indulge in tasty treats packed with delicious warming spices, and these really gingery Christmas biscuits fit the bill perfectly. Created by Alice Fotheringham of Piccolo, the organic baby food brand, these snappy biscuits are filled with all the spices and smells of the festive season. They’re also so moreish it’s impossible to stop at one. If you can resist eating the whole batch in one go, you can stamp holes in the top to turn them into Christmas decorations or use a cutter to make gingerbread men for your little one to decorate. Really...

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Budding-Gymnasts: How to Encourage an Energetic Child

Here’s the dilemma: your little one loves practising handstands and cartwheels, but seems unsure about taking their talent to the next level. What can you do help your child overcome their worries and encourage them to test out some new acrobatic skills? Maybe your child was inspired by the gymnasts at during the last Olympic Games. Or perhaps they’ve always just loved being active. However they got started, it’s normal to want to encourage a child once you’ve spotted their natural ability. Gymnastics, whether for fun or performed at the highest level, has a number of impressive health benefits...

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Dragons, Frozen and a Bear Hunt: The Best Kid’s Christmas TV 2016

Looking for something to watch with the kids over the Christmas holidays? We’ve compiled the best kid’s Christmas TV shows and movies that are hitting the small screen over the next two weeks. Christmas Bedtime Stories – CBeebies, every day in the lead up to Christmas, 6:50pm Join a host of different celebrities read a series of festive tales that will bring a spark of Christmas magic to bedtime. My Pet and Me: Winter Special – CBeebies, Monday 19 December, 5:00pm      My Pet and Me’s winter special features the heart-warming relationship between Ella and her Siberian Husky dogs, all...

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Could headphones be damaging your child’s hearing?

By Stephen Wheatley, HearAngel It’s normal to see young children and even toddlers set up with their own entertainment system these days. A tablet or a phone with cartoons and headphones often saves parents from tantrums especially during travel and it is easy to understand why parents do it as they want to keep their children entertained. But what parents may not know is that they could be starting their children on the road to permanent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). What causes Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)? Let’s explain, when you are born you have around 15,000 auditory...

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How to track of Santa with NORAD this Christmas Eve

This Christmas NORAD is celebrating over 60 years of tracking Santa as he delivers presents around the world on Christmas Eve. Little (and big) kids can visit NORAD’s popular website to follow Santa’s progress as he journey’s from country to country spreading Christmas cheer – and watch as he draws nearer to the UK! NORAD begins tracking Santa at 7.00am GMT on 24th December, beginning in New Zealand and Australia, before moving through Asia and Africa towards Europe. The website also features games, songs, and a library to learn all about Santa and Christmas traditions from across the world....

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