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What are the worst foods for your teeth?

By Jenny Kabir Have you heard about Public Health England’s sugar tax? They claim that such a tax is set to make a big difference to our health in terms of obesity, type 2 diabetes and our dental health. Sugar is one of the primary causes of tooth decay. The problem with many products we buy on a daily basis is that often we don’t know the amount of added sugar to them. It is these products which are having the biggest effect on our teeth. Snacking in between meals on sugary food and drink increases the likelihood of...

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Top tips to avoid piling on extra layers this winter

By CJ’s Fitbumps Now the clocks have turned back, the inevitable season of winter is upon us, yet that doesn’t mean that we have to hibernate & pile on the extra layers of fat that can creep in under those baggy jumpers!  It’s all about acclimatising & adjusting your eating and exercise sessions to suit the seasons! Here are some handy tips to avoid weight gain this winter and stay on track with your health & fitness throughout the colder months:- 1. Have a summer and a winter fitness regime Winter is not an excuse to STOP exercising, you...

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Create new habits to achieve your weight loss goals

By CJ’s Fitbumps Our habits are made up of little things we do as part of our daily lives, often without noticing or thinking much about them. It is these daily habits that are repeated consistently over time which add up to have a major effect on your health and body shape.  Your weight loss goals, or more importantly, maintaining your weight loss results are impacted by the habits you have. Create healthy habits A habit can be anything that you do often enough for the activity to become practically automatic – brushing your teeth is a perfect example. ...

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How to Photograph Your Baby Like a Pro

Professional photography is an incredible way of capturing photos of you and your baby that you will always treasure. The ages that I recommend are best for professional photography and where you’ll get the most out of it are: Newborn (0-3 weeks) When baby is sitting (7-10 months) And a fun cake smash to celebrate their 1st birthday. But babies grow so very fast, changing every month, especially in the first year and having a professional family photo shoot every 4 weeks simply isn’t realistic. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to also capture beautiful...

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Best Swim Nappies for Babies and Toddlers

Nothing spoils an afternoon in the pool more than a little floating accident. To avoid any embarrassment when you take your little one for a swim, we’ve hunted around for the best swim nappies that can be used for babies and toddlers. Disposable or reusable? Swim nappies are a great parenting tool, but none of them are designed to soak up wee – otherwise, they’d be sucking up the entire pool. The true purpose of a swim nappy is to act as a poo catcher, with the very best ones preventing even little leaks until you’ve had a chance...

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