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Feeding Your Family Right on a Budget

By CJ’s Fitbumps The weekly grocery bill can take a considerable chunk from your hard earned weekly income, and feeding a family today is a huge expense. With many of the fast food chains currently advertising family sized meals for £10 it can seem like an easy affordable option for those who are time poor and need something that’s quick and convenient. Packaged, processed food tends to be made using cheaper ingredients with minimal nutritional value in them as they are mass produced. How to shop right We all know the health risks associated with a poor diet –...

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Mumma, where’s your mojo?

We can all look back at one point in our life when we were winning!  Yes that’s right when you felt in your prime and on top of the world, everything was falling into place and you looked and felt incredible.  You were on the right path and life was playing out exactly how it should be. Are you losing your mojo? Then something changed – there was a small loss of focus, a change of priorities or simply the foot was let off the gas just a little too much and where you were slowly started to slip...

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Child Safety Tips for Disabled Parents

By Ashley Taylor, Welcoming a child into your home is one of life’s greatest joys. We wish you all the best as you begin this exciting adventure. Of course, part of your parental duties is creating a safe environment for your little one. So in this post, we’ll cover how to protect your child from many of the potential hazards found in the average residence. We’ll also discuss resources available to disabled parents as they hone their child-rearing skills. The Four Phases of Child Growth The measures you’ll take to safeguard your new arrival will change as he...

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The Baby Formula Decision: Organic or Not?

By Jennifer Dawson While most baby health experts, in Essex and worldwide, advise that breastfeeding is very important, they also agree that there is a place for formula milk. Breast milk contains key nutrients like arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, which have been found by the University of Columbia to be vital for early neural development. If you’re looking for a supplemental source of milk or starting to wean your baby off breast milk, formula is the way to go. There’s a wide range of different options from various brands, so it can be tricky to choose. One issue you...

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CLOSED – Goose and Friends Competition

Win 1 of 2 signed copies of Goose and Friends and a brand new plush toy! The Christmas countdown is officially on and as we embrace all things merry and bright, finding the perfect present for little loved ones becomes the all-important mission this December. With trees bought, lights a-twinkling and homes transformed to celebrate the festivities, Goose and Sophie from acclaimed children’s book series Goose, simply love Christmas time! To celebrate everyone’s favourite time of year, plus the launch of the brand-new Goose and Friends website, we have teamed up with award-winning author and illustrator of Goose, Laura...

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