A mum from Hertfordshire has thanked ambulance staff who came to her aid when her son was born almost 12 weeks prematurely at a train station.

Michelle Bellham, from Royston, went into labour at just 28 weeks into her pregnancy on July 13, 2016.

The 35-year-old was travelling by train to the hospital when her waters broke at Royston train station.

She said: “I’d been to hospital the day before as I’d felt pains but the test results came back negative which we thought meant I wasn’t in labour.”

Staff called 999 and a Melbourn based crew was quickly dispatched, including Paramedic Darren Southam, Emergency Medical Technician Laura Tunbridge, who were supported by Katherine Rataj, Alistair Theobald, Ann Casey, and Tim Hill.


Baby Ashley was born at the station weighing just 2lbs 13oz. He needed immediate medical treatment as he failed to begin breathing. Darren, who has delivered seven babies, said: “He needed some stimulation so I wiped him down a couple of times and fortunately after a few squeezes of the bag valve mask; he was able to breathe by himself.”

Michelle and tiny Ashley were hurried to Addenbrookes hospital where Ashley was admitted for a week and half. He was then well enough to be cared for at Lister Hospital until he was discharged on October, 1.

Finally, five months after his dramatic entrance into the world, Ashley was reunited with some of the ambulance staff who helped save his life. Darren, Laura, Katherine, and Alistair visited the little boy as he settled into his new routine at home with his grateful mum.

Michelle told the crew: “I can’t thank you enough helping us; I knew at that moment that it was life or death, and what you all did on that day will never be forgotten.”

“We are a bit famous in the Royston area now and I think it will be interesting when we head back to the station next for the first time since it happened.”

Darren commented: “It’s one of the most memorable jobs I’ve been involved in and I’m so glad to see both Michelle and Ashley doing so well.”

Katherine added: “We don’t get many jobs like this but to hold him in my arms now makes it all worth it; this is why we do this for a living.”