Professional photography is an incredible way of capturing photos of you and your baby that you will always treasure.

The ages that I recommend are best for professional photography and where you’ll get the most out of it are:

  • Newborn (0-3 weeks)
  • When baby is sitting (7-10 months)
  • And a fun cake smash to celebrate their 1st birthday.

But babies grow so very fast, changing every month, especially in the first year and having a professional family photo shoot every 4 weeks simply isn’t realistic. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to also capture beautiful photos of your baby.

But don’t panic as we’re here to help with lots of fantastic tips to improve your photography, whether you’re using a fancy digital camera, or just your smartphone.

We’ll start it all off with one of the most important aspects to achieving lovely photos…


Natural light is always preferable, so first identify where the best light is in your house. You want a nice big window and avoid having any other lights on in the room.

Babies lying on their back
If baby is lying down on their back lay them so that they are side on to the window. It’s even better if you can position them so that the light is going down their face, but for the untrained eye this can be hard to determine, so don’t get hung up on it.

Babies lying on their front
If baby is old enough to support themselves lying on their fronts (3/4 months+) lay them so that they are side on to the window and angle them so that their feet are further away from the window than their head.

Babies sitting
Sit the baby so that they are facing the light/window and then position yourself to their side and catch their attention so that they are looking at you.

Little White Photography

Now we know how to make the most of our light, lets have a think about our…


The most important thing to consider when photographing babies is safety and this is key when thinking about where in your house is best for photographs.

You need somewhere that will be completely safe and comfortable for them.

It’s also important to avoid lots of clutter as this can be distracting and a wall or room with a more neutral colour scheme would work best as it’s timeless, so is less likely to go out of fashion.

A big double bed with white bed sheets on is perfect (ensure you’re with baby at all times and if baby is able to move have someone there to watch them while you’re taking the photos). Your baby’s cot is also a fantastic place to capture beautiful photos.

Little White Photography 


Professional photographers are trained in a whole host of theories, from the rule of thirds to leading lines, and a wealth of experience knowing which are the best angles. 

But just for some nice photos of your baby at home that’s too much to get into, however it is advisable to avoid chopping off limbs.

Photos tend to look unfinished if part of an arm, or a foot is missing.


You won’t be able to capture the detail that professional photographers are able to, but it’s still lovely to get in close and capture photos of your baby’s key features.

Concentrate on getting photos that are as close as your camera or phone will focus and the features that are lovely to capture are:

  • Little chubby feet
  • Baby rolls
  • Eyelashes
  • Dimpled hands

Little White Photography

Weekly / Monthly Photos

Tracking your baby’s growth with monthly, or even weekly photos is a lovely way to see how much and how fast they’re growing.

To do this it’s best to have some consistency in each photograph and the tips I’d recommend trying are:

  • Have them wear a plain white vest in every photo, as you’ll always have these readily available and won’t have to stress about finding an outfit each time.
  • Use one of their cuddly toys in each photo, as it helps give perspective and show how much they’ve grown.
  • Try and photograph them in the same spot each time.

I hope that this article is useful and helps you capture some beautiful photos of your baby or babies.

Suzanne x

About the Author:

Suzanne is a professional photographer and owns Little White Photography, a studio based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, close to St Albans, Harpenden, Berkhamsted and Tring. “We specialise entirely in newborn, baby, 1st birthday cake smash and family photography. It’s our passion and we adore capturing these photos for families to treasure”.

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