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Independent Midwives in Hertfordshire and Surrounding Areas


Amelia Parker
I am a midwife with over 20 years experience working in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. I undertook my professional training within the United Kingdom. I have worked within both hospital and community environments as a midwife and a health visitor. Immediately prior to becoming an Independent Midwife I worked as a Specialist Midwife at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel London, supporting the practice and development of other midwives and junior doctors. The Royal London is a large teaching hospital. While working there I was involved in the development of care pathways, guidelines and audit. This has helped develop and enhance my midwifery practice. I continue to occasionally work at my local National Health Service [NHS] unit to maintain my acute clinical skills.
07740 949117


Regina Covington
I am an experienced, passionate independent midwife, IBCLC lactation consultant and HypnoBirthing practitioner. I have been practicing as a midwife since 2003 working for 2 years in the NHS, then 5 years in a private birth centre before becoming an independent midwife. I am currently studying for my diploma in complementary therapies for midwives which will enable me to offer mums various therapies including pregnancy massage, reflexology and homeopathy.
07768 106064


Viv Gray
I’ve been a midwife since 2001, and in Independent Practice since 2007. I believe every woman in labour should be cared for by a midwife she knows and trusts. The opportunity to develop a relationship with a family during pregnancy, be present at the birth of their baby, and continue to care for them in their early days together is the most amazing privilege imaginable.
07983 395356


Andrea Parker
I graduated as a midwife in 2005 and was drawn to independent practice in 2008. I have a deep respect for new life and a passionate commitment to nurturing and supporting parents to discover and follow their own path.
07733 285169


Alison Shaloe
I qualified as a midwife in 1997. I am a breastfeeding specialist midwife, lactation consultant and tongue-tie specialist. I have chosen to work independently to enable me to give true family centred care and support to parents in their transition to parenthood.
07834 492390


Carole Goddard
My interest and passion for midwifery really commenced with the birth of my daughter. I received excellent training and experience working within a North London Trust and the community of Haringey, however I became disillusioned with the financial pressures, fragmented care and politics within the NHS, seeking an alternative way of working and caring for women and families during the most important and life changing period of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.
07718 305315


Cristina Antunes
I have been working in the NHS for nine years now and decided I needed be somewhere that allows me to build a close, trustful relation with the women I care for. I feel that every new family should be able to trust their midwife and have continuity of care. I am passionate about midwifery and providing safe, individualized care for you and your partner, enabling you to make decisions about your own care that will lead to a positive birth experience and a smooth transition into parenthood.
07922 533 055


Mal Soomessur
Being pregnant and becoming a parent is the most amazing journey a woman and her partner will undertake. I feel very honoured when invited to be involved in this journey, unique to each woman and her family.
07766 087385


Elke Heckel
My journey into the world of childbirth started 25 years ago during the pregnancy and birth of my son. Since then I have been a childbirth educator and doula and, for nearly 20 years, a midwife. Most of that time I have worked in independent practice.
020 8986 4212 or 07949 029393


Jacqui Tomkins
I have a background in homeopathy and am completing a qualification in homeopathy and women’s health, and have links to baby swim classes in southeast London. I received Midwife of the Year 1st Prize in British Journal of Midwifery Practice Awards 2014.
07866 262368


Anna von Hörsten
I am a midwife with my whole heart and convinced that women-centred and women-led care leads to the best possible outcomes. Working closely with women, their partner and family enables me to provide care that is both personal and tailored to their needs. I completed my midwifery training in a large private hospital in Hamburg, Germany, and also worked in a midwife-led birth house (Geburtshaus) in Bamberg. I’m experienced in pelvic floor classes and baby swimming. I am furthering my studies part-time at King’s College London which enables me to keep up to date with the latest research and evidence-based results.
07454 917537


Nicky Needham Pregnancy Coach and Independent Midwife
Pregnancy Coach and Independent Midwife, Hertfordshire, Essex and London – offering one to one services to suit every budget.
07752 577766


Rebecca Hayes Tieken Independent Midwife
Based in Ealing and will travel up to 1 hour from W5.
Private Midwife offering bespoke maternity services, pregnancy reflexology, breastfeeding support, birth preparation classes, care packages and one-off postnatal check ups.


Corina Wilson
Covering North and North West London and parts of Hertfordshire.
After qualifying, I worked in the NHS for four years but always dreamed of working as a holistic, caseload midwife. In contrast to the NHS, working for Neighbourhood Midwives allows me to get to know my clients as individuals and support them through more than just the physiological phases of pregnancy. I am able to share in the highs and lows, the laughter and the tears.
07584 994201


Elaine Batchelor – Thames Valley Neighbourhood Midwives
Covering Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and parts of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire
I have been practicing as a midwife since 1985 and to me being with a family when a baby is born is still as magical as the first time I was privileged to help a new life into the world. I have three grown up children who appear to be very knowledgeable about ‘where babies come from’ thanks to having a mum who is totally passionate about her work!


Veronica Parker – Thames Valley Neighbourhood Midwives
Covering Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and parts of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire
Working for Neighbourhood Midwives means that I can truly be ‘with woman’. I feel privileged to be able to support and nurture women when they are at their most vulnerable, but also their most powerful, during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. I have deeply held beliefs that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, physiological events to be nurtured and respected through the provision of holistic, woman and family centred care.


Birthmoon Independent Midwife
St. Albans
Preparing for the arrival of your new baby is a special and wonderful time. I would be delighted to offer kind, professional expertise to facilitate your transition to becoming new parents. As an independent registered midwife working with UK Birth Centres Ltd., I can offer comprehensive, individualised midwifery care throughout your pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks with your newborn. The benefits of a known carer during labour and birth are well documented and can greatly enhance the experience of your unique birth day.
07923 565578


Kemi Johnson
Covers London and anywhere within the M25, including parts of Hertfordshire
Kemi was preparing financial statements for charities for 22 years and a voluntary doula for 10 years before succumbing to her passion to become a midwife, a passion she’d had from the age of 15. Since then, Kemi has indulged her fascination with birthing anatomy and physiology and her yearning for women to reclaim their knowledge and power to birth without interruption or interference.
07947 453593