Whether you are currently pregnant or planning for a new baby, it’s important to take a little time out to prepare for the changes and challenges ahead. We’ve spoken to Nicky at The Secret Space, a yoga and complementary therapy centre in the heart of Hertford, to find out how holistic therapies can benefit mums-to-be.

During pregnancy your body goes through enormous and miraculous changes in order to grow and accommodate your baby. This is an amazing time, but it can also throw up some challenges. At The Secret Space we can assist you along your journey from pre-conception through to labour.


Both acupuncture and reflexology can assist people who are trying to conceive. This can be to treat specific issues, or just to assist by optimising health and reducing stress.

In addition, yoga, can also increase general health and wellbeing and reduce anxiety and stress associated with trying to fall pregnant. I myself had acupuncture to assist with conception (after 13 months of trying) and fell pregnant after 5 sessions.

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Symptoms of pregnancy

As well as the glow of pregnancy there are some less welcome symptoms that your body may experience whilst it grows the tiny life inside you. Pregnancy Yoga, reflexology, acupuncture and massage can all assist with dealing with unwanted symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain


Preparing for birth

As well as alleviating pregnancy symptoms, our therapies and Pregnancy Yoga can actually help to prepare the body for labour. Yoga can assist with strengthening the body for the birth, as well as teaching breathing techniques and relaxation which is invaluable when you start to feel those surges (or contractions!).

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There is evidence to suggest that acupuncture can reduce the need for medically induced labour, I myself had an acupuncture session after I had premature rupture of waters, and I went into labour naturally without the need for an induction. In addition, studies have shown that reflexology could decrease the duration of first, second and third stages of labour as well as alleviate intensity of labour pain.


Many people are now choosing to use ‘Hypnobirthing’ in order to allow them to have a relaxed and enjoyable class. As you may have guessed, I used hypnobirthing in the birth of my son. I could not have got through 16 hours of medication-free contractions without it. It was absolutely amazing. It teaches you to stay calm when you might otherwise panic, which allows you to labour without fear. Hypnobirthing classes at The Secret Space follow The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. They are delivered by an experienced Instructor and Doula whom used the techniques to birth her own children, including full term twins.

The classes incorporate breathing techniques, mindfulness, deep relaxation (including aromatherapy and massage!) and these holistic approaches are further supported by practical areas such as birth planning, birth choices, an exploration of the birth partners role, special circumstances such as VBAC or multiple birth, positions for birth, what to expect after birth and so much more!

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Discussions during the sessions cover all aspects of antenatal and postnatal care so that you fully understand all of your birthing options. Hypnobirthing will support you and your birth partner regardless of whether you choose to birth at home, in the hospital or theatre. Furthermore the classes are suitable for all mums, whether this is your first or fifth baby, whether you have had previous birth trauma or if you are expecting more than one baby! The tools you and your birth partner gain will ensure that you both feel empowered, prepared, excited, calm and confident about your upcoming birth no matter what path your birth may take on your birthing day.

After a hypnobirthing course

Following the completion of your course you will receive invites to Tracey’s free community ‘Positive Birth Meets’ and refresher sessions held at The Secret Space. A safe place to listen to empowering birth stories and explore your options for pregnancy and birth.

Tracey is very passionate about all things birth and baby and will support you practically and emotionally on your unique journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

You can visit The Secret Space at 105 Fore St, Hertford, SG14 1AS. Alternatively, you can call 01992 503141, visit the website, or their Facebook or Twitter pages for more information.