Snuggle Sac founder Tina Goldsmith recognises the importance of good sleep advice for parents. Working in partnership with The Children’s Sleep Charity, she ensures her customers receive high quality sleep information.

Tina says “parents often contact us for support around the clock changes. Just a change of one hour can really disrupt some children’s sleep patterns. Our experts from The Children’s Sleep Charity offer the following advice’.

Sleep tips for the clock change

  • Plan ahead for the clock change. During daylight savings time it gets lighter in the mornings, so you could invest in a pair of blackout blinds. This will make sure the light doesn’t interrupt your little one’s sleep.
  • The evenings will be lighter too. The clock change may mean your little one is going to bed when it’s still light outside. Draw the curtains in the hour leading up to bedtime to help your child to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps us to feel sleepy.
  • Gradually begin to move your child’s bedtime when a clock change approaches. For instance, in the spring you can shift your child’s bedtime forwards by 10 minutes each day over a period of six nights. By the time the clock change arrives your child’s body clock will hopefully have adjusted.
  • Some children may need you to gradually move their bedtime over a number of weeks. Children who are more sensitive to routine changes may need to start a month before the clocks go forwards.
  • Don’t forget to wake your children earlier in the morning to help to keep their body clocks on schedule. Keep the change in line with their new bedtime. For example, if you put them to bed 15 minutes earlier the night before, you will need to wake them 15 minutes earlier too.
  • Move the whole routine – not just the bedtime! You will need to think about making everything earlier such as nap time, supper time and bath time.

About the authors:

Snuggle Sacs were launched in 1999 by Tina Goldsmith, to solve her son’s sleep disturbance issues, of waking up cold with his covers on the floor. By designing a super cute, cosy, soft, fun, yet practical sleeping bag in the style of a lion. She successfully combined the warmth of a duvet, the comfort of a teddy bear and the practicality of a sleeping bag. For more information and details visit

Vicki has trained with both Sleep Scotland and Southampton Sleep Service. Her background is in education having qualified as a teacher in 1998.  Vicki is passionate about supporting parents to get a better night’s sleep. She regularly writes in the media and speaks at national conferences. For more information and details visit