As the weather warms up and we start heading outside, there’s one day out that should be on your to-do list – the new Cedars Nature Centre at Cedars Park in Cheshunt.

Opened in late 2017, Cedars Nature Centre is a free to enter community zoo built from the foundations up by co-owners Nick Spellman and Stuart Short.

The small zoo is located on the former pet’s corner in Cedars Park. It’s intended to be used as place of education for animal lovers who can’t necessarily afford the entry costs of larger zoos.

What animals can you see at Cedars Nature Centre?

Cedars Nature Centre is on a mission to provide excellent enclosures, world class for small animals.

When you take a trip to the zoo, you’ll be able to spot family favourites such as meerkats, owls, a parakeet, a peacock, rabbits, and armadillos.

One of the largest residents is a 14ft long Burmese python, as well as two other breeds of python. At the other end of the scale, you’ll find one of the most iconic species of the British countryside, the tiny harvest mice.

Cedars Nature Centre

Some of the more unusual animals at the zoo include a tenrec, which is similar to a hedgehog, and a zorilla – a skunk-like animal, and the only one currently on display in Europe!

There are lots of other small animals waiting to be discovered, with plenty of new babies regularly adding to the community.

The zoos enclosures feature low windows for children and are fully accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users.

Animal Experiences

Raising a future zoo keeper? In March 2018 the centre launched their Junior Keeper Experience programme.

Available to children aged 6 years and up, this is the perfect treat for those who want to get up close with the animals. Email the zoo at the address below for details.

Helping the zoo to thrive

Cedars Nature Centre is leased from Broxbourne Borough Council, and although the council has provided practical support, the project is run entirely donations from the public and community groups as well as Nick and Stuart’s own funds.

To make a donation to Cedars Nature Centre visit their Just Giving page here.

For more information email or visit their Facebook page at