With more and more children in England having their teeth removed because of decay, it’s never been more important to encourage little ones to keep their teeth clean. There’s only one problem – most parents hate the dreaded daily tooth brushing battles!

To help put an end to the tears and tantrums, Colgate has teamed up with the author of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ to launch brand new series called Two Minute Tales. The purpose? To get kids excited about brushing their teeth.

claire freedman

Claire Freedman, a successful author from Essex, has already proven her talent for capturing young children’s attention with her bestselling Underpants picture books. Putting her skills to good use, Claire has been working with Colgate to create 40 captivating two minute tales designed to hold children’s attention during brush time.

From Sparkle the Tooth Fairy to Joey the bouncing kangaroo, Claire’s stories are tailored to charm your little one for the two minutes recommended to help keep teeth healthy.

claire freedman

The stories can either be read aloud by a grown-up, or alternatively the whole family can listen to them together on a tablet, phone or desktop computer.

Talking about her new stories, Claire Freedman said: ‘I’m very excited to be partnering with Colgate on such a worthwhile campaign – encouraging children to brush their teeth whilst engaging them with listening to stories.

“I believe it’s so important to share that special reading time with children. I hope that Two Minute Tales will make tooth brushing a fun experience – for parents and children alike.’

Claire Freedman’S Top 10 Tips for Reading to Children

  1. Make books a part of your family life by always having them around the home.
  1. Get your child his or her own library card. Encouraging them to choose their own books makes reading much more fun.
  1. All reading is worthwhile – so don’t rule out comics and magazines, or even the back of the cereal packet!
  1. Point out interesting things in the pictures or about the story. Ask your child questions to engage them in the book.
  1. Reading with your children at bedtime is a great way to wind down and spend that cosy quality time together.
  1. Get books about subjects your child is already interested in. Books don’t have to be all about fiction.
  1. Find the right level for your child. Slightly harder books can stretch their vocabulary.
  1. Talk about what you’ve just read together. It will boost your child’s imagination and enjoyment.
  1. Do the funny voices, accents, animal sounds or special effects. Or let your child do them!
  1. Choose books you both love, as you may have to read the same favourite over and over. Most of all ENJOY!


claire freedman